Career Plan

A career plan guarantees that companies develop and plan the adequate skills for the critical positions of the company, in order to satisfy the future needs of a sustainable and profitable growth.

Methodology used by Recarte & Fontenla:

  • We identify the critical positions in the organization, discovering and obtaining information about what are the responsibilities, skills and key experiences needed by a professional to occupy that position successfully.
  • We design a route plan and professional itineraries within the company. By comparing the difference between the profiles, mobility routes can be established and the necessary steps to achieve them.
  • We analyze how the routes connect with talent assessment tools and development programs, training, etc. and how the routes integrate with the existing promotion and mobility processes within the company.
  • We identify and classify the available talent to know what is the potential that people possess. For this, we use different techniques focused on detecting and classifying this talent.
  • When we have defined what the organization wants and what it has, we will carry out the individualized professional development plan, detecting the needs or shortcomings that may arise and providing the necessary means to address opportunities for improvement.
  • The entire process will end with a follow-up and evaluation of the employee to determine the results obtained from the implementation of the plan.

Succession Plan

The succession in a company, whether family business or not, is a matter of strategic importance, which must be attended to and planned so that it is gradually carried out. A series of key circumstances must be taken into account, such as who makes the decision to carry it out, if the talent necessary to implement the change exists within the company, design the development plans for potential successors and evaluate the investment necessary to develop this plan.

Methodology used by Recarte & Fontenla:

  • After defining the scope of the process, we address the definition of the profiles (responsibilities, competences.) of the new roles.
  • We identify potential successors and proceed to the analysis of strengths and areas of improvement of each of them, to assess whether they are aligned and are able to develop the new role.
  • Once the gap between current and required skills and experience of each successor is defined, we design a development plan tailored to each of the candidates that allows improving and optimizing their areas of development so that they are prepared before the succession takes place.
  • We define the period of implementation of the plan and elaborate exit and transition plans for those people who leave the roles.
  • We prepare the integration plan for the successor.
  • We arrange a contingency plan.