Market Intelligence

Having the relevant information available is key to making decisions on the incorporation of new talent: knowledge of the market benchmark or the best alternative or counting on a full perspective is an indispensable tool.

To accomplish our client assessment we rely on a dedicated team to feed the data-base, interact with candidates, find and interpret current trends and allow us to adapt to the future needs of the companies with which we collaborate.

Each assignment is unique and tailor-made and is managed in strict confidence. Once the research has been done the companies can choose to complete the assessment with the head-hunting service.

We can offer you the following services:

Talent Map

Gives us a real-time snapshot of the available capacities in any one geographical unit, in a specific function or on the relevant players in any market.

  • The talent map is a vital step towards finding an executive who is going to join the company. Thus it becomes a real competitive advantage for the optimum talent search process.
  • We provide both quantitative and qualitative tailor-made information on the main players (individuals and teams) which makes up the business intelligence.

Talent Pool

A dynamic tool which allows the company to be one step ahead and to act quickly when dealing with the strategic challenges of continuity, growth, expansion or in the face of any other type of contingency.

  • The talent pool contains management potential already identified for a specific market. This information may be needed to strengthen an existing team or area, launch a new service, prepare a merger or acquisition, branch out into a new field.
  • By maintaining an active talent pool the company can manage effectively the influx of future leaders. Knowledge of the capabilities behind their competitors’ success is a real lever for success.