Direct Search

One of the most important strategic decisions an organisation can make entails the incorporation management personnel. Leaders join the company from the top and their deep impact has a great influence on individuals and on the business.

Companies are largely defined by the quality of their leaders who have to have integrity and be trustworthy as well as achieving results, having an impact and ensuring the future.

To obtain optimum results the search for company leaders has to be exhaustive.

Most critical elements are as follows:

Needs analysis and key success factors:

  • The professionals best suited to our needs will be found and recruited only by relying on good knowledge of our client business and culture. The first step will be to understand the results required and how the company needs to compete.
    We count on the sector specific specialisation of our group of consultants who rely on the Market Intelligence team which is made up of specialists in specific business areas.

Identifying and attracting candidates:

  • Direct Search methodology applied exhaustively guarantees direct and systematic approach to the target audience. This is reinforced by our informant network with which we are in continuous contact.
  • In this global world our reach has neither geographical nor functional borders. We use the most advanced social media tools on the market as a complement to help us reach candidates who may be more difficult to access, wherever they may be.
  • The result is the creation of a talent map on which all the suitable candidates identified from various sources can be found.

Assessment, support in decision making and closure.

  • Just reaching people with talent is necessary but not enough. They have to be treated honestly and receive professional guidance to help them make the right decisions for such important steps in their career.
  • Our major objective is that the chosen professional and our client fit together perfectly. To this end we make a skills assessment (leadership, strategy, management skills, etc.) to help our client make the right choice.
  • The Assessment gives us the opportunity to visualise the whole scenario, which in turn is supported by checking professional references through ex-collaborators or colleagues and other witnesses so we can be sure the right choice is made for both parties.
  • Finding brilliant people does not necessarily guarantee success. We accompany you throughout the process and at the closure as well as for follow-up monitoring later on. All of this favours immersion and greatly helps the executive to integrate into the new company.


Strategy and Planning Search Evaluation and Selection Finalising and Follow-up

  • Research into client company and business
  • Research into client company and business
  • Define scale of search.

  • Market Research
  • Preliminary evaluation of candidates
  • Preparation of candidate long list

  • Personal interviews with candidates
  • Make personal reports
  • Check references

  • Present to client
  • Accompany to contract negotiation
  • Monitoring of candidate performance

  • Search strategy
  • Target companies' aims

  • Talent Map
  • Candidate long list

  • Short list
  • Confidential reports

  • Offer negotiation
  • Client satisfaction monitoring