Assessment and Development of Executives

Markets change in unpredictable ways. Client expectations and competitors’ movements oblige companies to readjust continuously to new circumstances.

To face strategic challenges, high level management is responsible for ensuring that they have the most appropriate managerial talent on board.

Our analysis provides the insight necessary for decisions to be made in various fields:

  • Professional development stimulation and support plans for potential management.
  • Internal succession and promotion plans.
  • Merger and Acquisition processes, providing information on manager profiles and how they can fit into the newly
  • defined scenario and organisational flowchart.
  • Risk capital investment fund processes.
  • Company plans for internationalization.
  • Transformation and change management plans.

We combine various programs and tools which we apply in the optimum measure for each situation and client, using project management led by expert consultants guaranteeing an impartial evaluation.

Our methodology allows systematic application which favours obtaining the desired results which are expressed as follows:

  • Clear, specific recommendations for each person evaluated through individual feedback sessions focussing on terms of professional development (career, personal development, succession plans) which leads the manager to use it to the greatest advantage and be able to define the most efficient way forward.
  • Strategic information for the client: comparative analysis of all individuals evaluated, employee ranking by skill development or the adjustment to a model profile, identification of strategic recruitment or even development needs, recommendations for the future acquisition of talent.


Planning and coordination Development Closure and Follow-up
  • Project scope definition
  • Aims and Corporate Competency
  • Ad hoc Working Teams
  • Schedule and Documentation
  • Individual evaluations
  • Group Tests
  • Evaluation and internal consensus on the information obtained
  • Diagnosis and initial recommendations
  • Aptitude and Attitude Analysis
  • Confidential Report preparation on The Candidates Evaluated by Areas and Globally
  • Presentation of Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Feedback for Participants