Technology / Digital

The ICT sector (Information and Communication Technologies) is evolving at an unceasing pace and is one of the fastest growing in the context of the global economy. It faces the unquestionable challenge of satisfying user expectations, which increase rapidly in an environment of increasing competition changing our lifestyle, the way we communicate and our way of doing business.

Management skills

The continuous change of technology and its rapid advances require the development of highly focused skills, being it essential to anticipate the future. Managers are needed who bring experience and skills to exercise a strong leadership and position themselves at the forefront of new technological trends: cloudcomputing, big data & analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things, cybersecurity, transformation of job positions, among others. Continually exploring new business opportunities in the digital era to anticipate the future.


  • Telecommunications
  • Internet
  • E-Commerce
  • Software and Solutions
  • Hardware and Electronics
  • Consulting
  • Media