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Health sciences

The health market has experienced a remarkable development in the last decades in line with the advancements on the state of well-being as well as the increase in control on health care by the consumer.

Some of the challenges facing this complex sector are the aging of the population, technological developments, the renewal of pipeline products in an environment of high cost in research, biotechnology, the development of generic products in increasing competition with patents, greater regulation of prices, or new patterns of relationship with the Public Administration. These are challenges that lead to a concentration and a higher global scope for companies.

Management skills

The sector demands executives with strategic vision that contemplate the market on a global scale, with the ability to adapt the business model to the requirements of a rapidly evolving context. It is necessary to lead the constant innovation, to spearhead the change management and the corresponding adaptation of the teams.


  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Biotechnology
  • Health care products
  • Medical and hospital supplies and equipment
  • Hospital services and assistance
  • Animal health
  • Distribution