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Finance and Insurance

The financial sector is currently experiencing a great turmoil in the context of globalization. It requires continuous flexibility to adapt to these times, with special attention to cybersecurity, the fluctuation of the major currencies, securing liabilities, margin improvements, risk controls, default prevention, efficiency ratios and profitability. It also demands dynamism to position itself in emerging businesses in an environment of banking disintermediation and outpouring of new technological models, with special attention to attracting and retaining clients, offering products and services with differentiated added value.

Management skills

Transparency and high ethical standards permeate the management of financial managers. Also the ability to encourage innovation as well as the emphasis on high levels of efficiency. It also requires a deep knowledge of the products and markets to ensure a good level of dialogue, understanding and advice to the client.


  • Wholesale Banking, Treasury and Capital Markets
  • Private Banking and Retail Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Payment methods
  • Insurance
  • Real estate management
  • Renting and Leasing
  • Outsourcing and Controlling