Consumer goods/Retail

The Consumer goods industry is increasingly competitive and has an increasing need to differentiate itself through innovation, creativity and added value in products and services.


Education is a true global market, supported by growth and economic development as well as the rise of educational technology.

Family Business

Family businesses are the core of development and sustainable economic growth, and as such, they have a special importance in the service portfolio of Recarte & Fontenla.

Finance and Insurance

The financial sector is currently experiencing a great turmoil in the context of globalization. It requires continuous flexibility to adapt to these times, with special attention to cybersecurity,

Health sciences

The health market has experienced a remarkable development in the last decades in line with the advancements on the state of well-being as well as the increase in control on health care by the consumer.

Industry and Energy

Industrial companies have been deeply affected by the continuous technological change, globalization and industrial concentration.

Private equity (Investments/Venture capital)

Private equity funds (Private Equity & Venture Capital) are alternative investment vehicles to traditional instruments that invest resources in private companies that have high potential for growth in exchange for shares.

Professional Services

Professional services represent an important contribution to the economy in an increasing process of outsourcing.

Public and Non-profit sector

Together with the commercial private sector, the so-called third or non-profit sector and the public sector coexist in our society.

Technology / Digital

The ICT sector (Information and Communication Technologies) is evolving at an unceasing pace and is one of the fastest growing in the context of the global economy.