Training workshops for Family Business Board of Directors

In the family business, given that a good number of family members will be present in the Board of Directors, their continuing education and training to be good advisors is critical for the Board of Directors to fulfill its goals.

From Recarte & Fontenla, we develop open and customized programs for members of the three areas of power of family businesses, where it is increasingly important to know the main differences and know how to act as a shareholder, as an administrator and as a manager, to ensure that the company grows in value and sustainability.

Specifically, we address to Board members, Administrators, Owners, Shareholders and Directors of medium and small family businesses that are in a process of generational change, entry of new financial or industrial partners, or that want to apply best practices in good corporate governance to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the company.

In the training programs, we develop the following topics:

  • The structural reform of corporate governance in listed and unlisted companies and compliance
  • The functions and role of the Secretary of the Board
  • The best practices of the Audit Commissions
  • The best practices of the Appointments Commissions
  • The best practices of the Compensation Committees
  • The Board of Directors as a working group: decision-making in critical situations
  • The preparation of an IPO with good governance
  • The added value of the Board in the Corporate Strategy
  • The training of Proprietary shareholders
  • The generational transition in family businesses