Search for Independent Board Directors

In an increasingly complex economic and geopolitical context, marked by the emergence of new technologies and a changing regulatory environment, the agenda of the board members has many challenges to face. The proper election of Independent board members has become a critical aspect for good governance of both large companies and SMEs, and their presence is becoming increasingly necessary.

The Board members have a role of maximum responsibility and importance to help companies meet the demands of the market.

Given that their work involves monitoring and controlling the CEO of the company and being a counterweight to the Domanial board members, it is necessary to take maximum care of their impartiality, so that the Executive and Domanial directors should not intervene in the proposal or selection of Independent Board members.
In this sense, they cannot be considered as Independent board members, those who through previous or current links with the company, are in a situation that could imply a loss of independence.

At Recarte & Fontenla, we help our clients identify and recruit Independent board members. Our permanent contact with top executives of companies, Presidents, CEOs and senior management of different sectors, both private and public sector (Members of the Government and High Posts of the General State Administration), allows us to know very closely their experience, specific areas of knowledge, personality, as well as their motivation, thanks to this we can align the interests of both parties.