Training Workshops: "Board member, a profession that is learned"

In a complex environment, full of challenges and defies due to the economic, regulatory, technological and social changes that we have had to live, the Boards of Directors have acquired a greater role in deciding the direction that companies should take, which has led to encourage greater professionalism from them, incorporating professionals increasingly prepared and qualified, committed, and with the specific skills and abilities that allow them to perform their function in an optimal way.

Recarte & Fontenla contributes to this important transformation, through the development of specific workshops directed to members of Boards of Directors of large and medium-sized companies, listed or unlisted and for owners of companies that consider establishing a Board of Directors as a governing body.

In these workshops, we treat in depth different topics:

  • Role of the Board of Directors, how should they be organized to respond effectively to their functions and responsibilities.
  • Distinction of tasks and functions of corporate governance from those of management by establishing limits between what should be done by the Board of Directors and what should be delegated.
  • To understand the role and responsibilities involved in being a Board member and strengthen the functioning and dynamics that derive from the relationship between owners and members of the Board of Directors.
  • To study the different commissions (appointments, audit and risks, and compensation), corporate operations, as well as the role of the board secretary.
  • Leadership and supervision of corporate operations.
  • Assessment of the risks that are incurred when making decisions under pressure and with limited information.
  • Impact of corporate culture on the performance of the Board.